Android Casino Bonuses and how to get them

You can get unlimited bonuses from Android Casinos. What are those? Read this guide.

Your Android casino ( 1-onlinecasino-canada ) can give you several bonuses. However, to receive these rewards, you need to sign-up with that casino. Signing up is easy and requires very few steps. Please continue reading.

Welcome Bonus from your casino

As the name suggests, this bonus is for all the new players of the Android casino. You can receive it by either depositing some money or by only signing-up. Most casinos pay deposit-based bonuses.

  • A bonus is virtual money that funds your betting.

A few Android casinos give out No Deposit or Free Bonuses to their players. However, both sets of bonuses have to be used in special ways. Please read bonus terms and conditions. Continue reading.

Bonus terms and conditions

This welcome bonus can only be used in specific games, and it can't be transferred to anybody else. All bonuses come with wagering conditions, and these requirements vary across Android casinos. More to follow.

Please claim your Welcome Bonus as soon as you can, else it will expire. You would need to deposit a certain minimum amount of money to receive your sign-up bonus. All Android casino bonuses can be cancelled anytime.

Social Media and Referral Bonuses

Sometimes, you might receive a Social Media Bonus for just liking the Facebook page of an Android casino. Use this virtual money to play games for free and win some cool cash. Continue reading please.

  • Never gamble beyond your means

What's a referral bonus? You receive this bonus by referring your Android casino to your friends, colleagues or family members. Please note this bonus activates only after your friend, etc.makes up a deposit with that casino.

Loyalty and High Roller Bonuses

Loyalty Bonuses are meant for those players who have stuck around with their Android casino for a long time. The principle is simple; the more you play, the more rewards you get from your casino.

Some players take very high risks while gambling on their Android casino. In return, these punters receive High Roller Bonuses from their gambling websites. The size of these bonuses starts from $1,000 or so.

  • There are other bonuses as well from your Android casino

Android Casinos and Wagering Requirements

When you receive a welcome bonus, read the wagering requirement. If it is 5x, and your bonus amount is $10, you will have to wager $50 on your selected game in order to withdraw the bonus money.

The definition of bonus money varies across casinos. In one place, it could mean just your casino's contribution, while in others, it could include your deposit as well. Start your Android casino gambling journey today.

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